1408, 2015

Collaborative Composition: London 2015

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I have been told by many that travel helps to inspire new ideas and ways of thinking, and even before this trip to London, I […]

3004, 2015


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Anthony, 6th grade, plays the violin and is the concertmaster of the orchestra. One of his favorite things about orchestra is “helping other people in […]

2804, 2015


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Thomas is in 4th grade at Wentworth Elementary School, and a violin section leader. “I joined orchestra because I wanted to experience how orchestra players […]

2104, 2015


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Ariana, 4th grade, joined orchestra because she wanted to learn to play an instrument, and so that she could have a job like Ms. Frost. […]

1504, 2015


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A 4th grader at Wentworth, Devin plays the cello and he likes playing video games. “My friend joined, so I wanted to be in orchestra […]